Heidi Montag's 3-D Sonogram Was So Cute, Dad Spencer Pratt Fainted

Heidi Montag Pratt pregnant

With so many Hills babies here and on the way, it's hard to believe the couple known as "Speidi" are getting close to being called Mom and Dad. Heidi Montag recently shared a 3-D sonogram pic of her baby boy that will give you the feels and a bout of baby fever.


The 30-year-old reality star and sometimes singer took to social media, where she shared a peek at her and hubby Spencer Pratt's bundle of joy in utero on both Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

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"My angel," mama Montag captioned under her pic.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's son in utero

Aww! Hard to tell who baby favors right now (obvi), but we can only imagine how adorable little Speidi will be in person!

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Heidi also shared a sweet baby bump selfie to commemorate being six months pregnant.

Heidi Montag pregnant

Lookin' good, girl!

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With baby Pratt due October 19, it's safe to assume Heidi and Spencer are getting ready -- both physically and mentally -- for their little boy ... though a recent podcast interview leaves us wondering if papa Pratt will make it through baby's delivery

"At the ultrasound, I pretty much fainted to the point of, where the lady was like, 'I don't know if you can come back in here,'" Spencer revealed on the LadyGang podcast. "'It's dangerous. You're going to hit your head.'"


The 33-year-old father-to-be also revealed wife Heidi is taking a "thanks, but no thanks" approach to his being by her side while giving birth.

"Heidi doesn't even want me in the delivery room," Pratt noted. "I figured out, I'm going to sit in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank, and hire my own personal nurse to dose me, and maybe have some nitrous, but like, the whole, like, 'Let me look in here' action -- that's way past where I'm at."

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Hmm ... maybe there's a crystal that can help Spencer with his anxieties. He does have a sh*tload of 'em.

At least these two have time to figure out their birth plan and get over some common first-time parent woes ... or stock up on some smelling salts in the event Spencer faints.

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