Jessica Simpson Posts Pics of Her Daughter in a Bikini -- So What?

Jessica Simpson
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Remember the days when kids could wear different outfits without people jumping to negative conclusions (like, say, accusing a parent of trying to sexualize his or her child)? Sadly, it looks like those were the good ol' days, as the court of social media is in full session and ready to lock up those they deem offenders and throw away the key. Folks are criticizing Jessica Simpson for sharing a bikini pic of her young daughter -- and it makes you wonder why such a nonissue earns a spot on critics' to-do list.


The 36-year-old mom of two (Jessica and husband Eric Johnson have 5-year-old daughter Maxwell and 3-year-old son Ace Knute) can't seem to catch a break. First trolls hated Maxwell's mermaid birthday party (criticizing both Simpson and her daughter's outfits and poses) -- and now they seem to have an issue with a child wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

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Simpson recently shared photos of Maxwell on Instagram that show the adorable girl posing for the camera in a colorful bikini complete with a helmet, hat, scooter, and sunglasses.

Maxwell Drew Johnson

"Safety first," Jess captioned the photos.

Maxwell Drew Johnson

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Most people who see photos of a young girl wearing a bikini, posing, and serving up duck faces wouldn't think it's that big of a deal -- but there are others who feel the need to add in their two cents...

jessica simpson daughter

... from how she's too young to wear a bikini ...

Instagram comment

... and too young to pose a certain way ...

Instagram comment

Instagram comment

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... to how she's not wearing the proper attire to ride a scooter ...

Instagram comment

... along with other missing safety accessories.

Instagram comment

At some point, you have to wonder when the heck enough is enough.

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Jessica Simpson is certainly not the first mother to share photos of her child in a swimsuit -- or bikini, for that matter. And yet, she's constantly criticized for damn near any and every photo of one of her children she shares, which speaks more to our society's need to comment negatively than it does her parenting.  

Thankfully, fans of Jessica had no problem coming to the mom's defense, reminding critics to live their own lives ...

Instagram comment

... and to mind their damn business.

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No matter if you're a parent who has no qualms about posting kid bathtub pics -- or other snaps deemed "risqué" and "inappropriate" by some -- at the end of the day, you are the parent and have to make that decision.

... And, if you don't like what someones does, don't allow your kid to do it.

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