The Internet Totally Thinks Beyonce Already Had Her Twins

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Who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory? The latest is that Beyonce has given birth. Though there's been no official confirmation whatsoever from Queen Bey herself, Jay Z, or even proud grandma Tina, the Bey-hive is buzzing that there are some new Carters in the house. Check out these theories and see if you think there's going to be an announcement imminently. 


So, we know the Lemonade singer has beautifully looked like she was due any minute for a couple of weeks now, but what makes fans think she's already welcomed her bundles of joy? 

Well, she posted this photo of herself with Blue Ivy in honor of Memorial Day weekend, and those who study the artist like it's their job believe she looks "less pregnant" in this photo than in previous ones.

Beyonce Blue Ivy

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We have to say, these people may be onto something. Check out her bump at her baby shower. 

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Some fans took to Twitter to say the old pics are an attempt to throw fans off.


So, where is Beyonce? This fan on has a theory:

"Bey is somewhere with her feet up. This pic doesn't feel recent. She was bigger at her party," writes commenter ILikeYoFace.

Who could blame her if that were true?

We do know that Bey likes to do things in her own time and she also digs the element of surprise, as this fan notes.

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It's no wonder that everyone is trying to figure out what's going on. In Touch Weekly revealed that the power couple will purposely try to throw off the paparazzi and fans with an elaborate plan.

"They scheduled the C-section and prepared an A and a B team as decoys to confuse photographers and fans, and everyone signed confidentiality agreements," the source told In Touch. "Jay and Beyonce have also been arguing with the hospital about the use of security cameras. Jay doesn't want cameras in the room, hallways, or elevators, which is an impossible request."

Wow, and we thought giving birth was enough to worry about! 

Based on the way she announced her big news and the photos she's released throughout her pregnancy, we're sure Bey isn't going to do anything ordinary when it comes time for the grand reveal.

No, she'll blow us away with her creatively in showing off those little babies (whether they are here yet or not) -- however she chooses to do so. One thing's for certain -- it'll be on her own timetable.

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