Wrestler Brie Bella Shares Pic of Her Postpartum Belly With 'Zero Shame'

Brie Bella post babythebriebella/InstagramWhile some celebs seem to magically return to flat-bellied status just hours after giving birth (or at least go to great lengths to make it look that way), others are opening up about the reality of having a postpartum belly -- and we totally love them for it! Case in point: Total Divas star and former pro wrestler Brie Bella, who recently shared a refreshingly honest selfie just 17 days after giving birth.


Bella, 33, gave birth to her first child with husband Bryan Danielson, a little girl named Birdie Joe Danielson (so cute!!), on May 9. And even though there's likely a tremendous amount of pressure on Bella as a model and athlete to "bounce back" like a superhero, the new mom is determined to keep it real when it comes to her postpartum fitness journey. That's why she posted the following pic of her belly just a couple of weeks after delivery: 

brie bella postpartum selfiethebriebella/Instagram

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Tummy or not (and honestly, her tummy is tiny), she looks amazing! Maybe that's why, as she wrote, she has "zero shame" in putting this photo out there:

17 days since I've given birth and I have zero shame in my postpartum belly!! Graced with some stretch marks and 20 more pounds to lose I'm finally able to start a little cardio. Join me on my journey to getting back my pre pregnancy body. It's gonna be a long road but I'm ready!!!

Good for her! Slow and steady is definitely the way to go. And as a mother of three, I think it's so admirable and important that Bella is being so open and honest about this sometimes difficult process.

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Back when my first was born 16 years ago -- i.e., before social media -- I was completely unprepared for what my belly would look like after giving birth. I remember looking in the mirror in despair, wondering why I still looked five months pregnant when my newborn was no longer inhabiting my body! Nobody warned me, because nobody likes to talk about it. But now, that's slowly changing as moms (including celeb moms) use the Internet to share what they're really going through. These selfies might seem like small gestures, but they're helping to chip away at the misconceptions so many people have about "after baby bodies" and what that really means.

So thank you, Brie Bella -- and congratulations! We can't wait to see where your journey takes you.

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