Amber Tamblyn's Hubby Drank Her Breast Milk & 'Loved' It

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Joan of Arcadia and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star Amber Tamblyn tends to be rather outspoken about just about everything -- from politics to breast milk stains. So, it's no wonder she was cool sharing what some might consider a pretty intimate detail about life at home with her newborn daughter, Marlow, and her husband, comedian David Cross. While discussing mom life at the premiere of her directorial debut Paint It Black in NYC on Monday, Amber shared that David drank her breast milk


"Yes, he drank it. He loved it!" the 34-year-old revealed to Us. "At first, he was like, 'I'm not so sure about this.' I was like, 'This is an honorary thing that husbands have to do is drink their wives' breast milk!'"

Amber told People that it all started when she drank bourbon and had to pump and dump. "I had a giant glass of bourbon, my first in almost a full year," Amber explained. "And then my next two pumping sessions ended up in my husband's mouth, let's be honest. He was like, 'I want to try that since the baby can't have it.'"

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The thing is, breast milk really is liquid gold, given how plentiful it is in nutrients and antibodies. According to the American Pregnancy Association, many components in breast milk help protect babies against infection and disease, the proteins in breast milk are more easily digested than those in formula or cow's milk, and the calcium and iron in breast milk are also more easily absorbed. 

This may also not be the first time you've heard of an adult dude swigging it. A few years back, body builders made headlines for buying breast milk online, believing it offered them unparalleled energy and other wellness benefits. Unsurprisingly, the FDA warns against adults drinking breast milk that hasn't come from a screened donor.

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Of course, that's not an issue when it comes to a breastfeeding mom like Amber sharing a bit of her breast milk with her spouse. But most research seems to point to mama-made liquid gold being best suited for babies' consumption.

That said, hopefully David doesn't like Amber's breast milk too much, ha, because ultimately, the sweet stuff's gonna benefit their daughter the most! But in the meantime, cheers to these quirky, funny, loving new parents for keeping it oh-so-real.

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