Zooey Deschanel Welcomes Son With a Fiercely Cool Name We Love

Zooey Deschanel New Girl 100th episode party
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Some sunny news for today: America's fave quirky gal Zooey Deschanel has welcomed her second child -- and her first boy! According to People, the little guy made his debut last week ... and he just so happens to have a pretty cool moniker to boot.


Zooey and husband Jacob Pechenik are now the proud parents to both daughter Elsie Otter, born July 2015, and son Charlie Wolf.

Are we sensing a theme here? Otter, wolf ...

Actually, Zooey admitted to Today a few months after her daughter was born that she had quite the infatuation with otters. She said she liked the fact that they were sweet, smart, and have the ability to use and keep tools. All good traits, right?

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So on that note, we're thinking these parents must also have a thing for wolves. (And to be honest, who doesn't? Wolves are cool as hell.)

Maybe "Swan" will be next? ...

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The 37-year-old actress and singer doesn't tend to share a whole lot of family stuff on social media -- which, hey, we totally respect -- so it might be a while before we get a glimpse at her new little man. With parents like his, we're sure he's already stunningly beautiful.

Congrats, Zooey and Jacob!

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