6 Celeb Moms Tell Us When They Realized: OMG, I'm Becoming My Mother!

6 Celeb Moms Tell Us When They Realized: OMG, I'm Becoming My Mother!
Image: Courtesy of Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry and mom
Courtesy of Ayesha Curry
Most of us have been there: the moment we hear ourselves saying -- or see ourselves doing -- something that is all too familiar. Maybe it's a mom-ism we swore we'd never repeat, or a certain recognizable habit that starts creeping into our daily routines. But it's definitely the realization that, yes, we are becoming our mothers. 

For some of us, this happens way before we even join the mom club (me, me, over here!). But for many, stepping into that life-changing role really brings out those distinct qualities so often seen in our moms.

And, it's no different for some of our favorite celebrity mamas, who shared with CafeMom how aspects of their own mom games are definitely resembling those of the women who raised them. Whether they finally understand why their moms were fiercely protective or they're starting to say the same things over and over ... and over ... again, they all seem to admit one thing: Mom usually does know best. 

  • Tia Mowry-Hardrict

    tia mowry and parents
    Courtesy of Tia Mowry-Hardrict

    "As a child, my mother was very adamant about structure and discipline. I remember telling myself, I'm never gonna be that structured with my kids. Well, fast-forward, Cree is now almost 6 and I'm doing the same thing. Every day, he has a very detailed set schedule from the time he comes home from school to the time he goes to bed. He's soaring with this! Guess Mom was right!" -- Tia Mowry at Home star Tia Mowry-Hardrict on her mom Darlene (pictured here with dad Timothy)

  • Daphne Oz


    "There are a lot of ways I've become my mom. I worry a lot. I think I've always been a worrier, but I worry the way my mom worries now. I think that's the biggest thing to me that comes to mind that she would be okay with me sharing. [laughs] I think it's one of those things that, as a kid, you feel like these are negatives in your mom but as you become an adult you realize why they worry, why they cared so much, and why they were persnickety about the thing they get persnickety about. I'm actually grateful to be becoming some of those qualities." -- Arla Foods partner, chef, and author Daphne Oz on mom Lisa

  • Jordana Brewster

    Jordana Brewster and mom
    Courtesy of Jordana Brewster

    "My mom is a planner and thinks about every little detail in advance. I used to be so annoyed about this trait growing up .... Now I love having this same quality, because it allows me to balance motherhood and my career far more efficiently and helps maximize the time I spend with my sons." -- Pond's brand ambassador and Fast & Furious franchise star Jordana Brewster on mom Maria João

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  • Ayesha Curry

    Ayesha Curry and mom
    Courtesy of Ayesha Curry

    "I'm like my mom [in that] when I'm hungry, I get moody. I didn't realize it at first and then I think, 'I've had a good day, what's wrong? Why am I feeling like this? Everything's fine,' and then I realize I'm hungry.

    "Also, I'm very protective. I could never understand why my mother was always so protective of me and now I get it and I'm the same way." -- Arla Foods partner, chef, and author Ayesha Curry on her mom Carol

  • Molly Sims


    "Oh my gosh. Yes, all the time [I am my mother]. When I say, 'well, I told you to do it' and [the kids are] like 'why did you tell me to do it?' I'm like 'because I need you to do it.' [Growing up] we'd always be like 'why?' -- and [Mom] would always be like 'because I told you so.'

    "Just ways like getting food on the table or getting it all together. Just the way she did things reminds me so much of her or things she would say to me. Yeah, you find out ... you become your mother. I am my mother." -- model and actress Molly Sims on her mom Dottie

  • Laila Ali


    "There's a lot of things about my mom that I love. My mom has a lot of grace. She has a lot of integrity. She cares about people. She's a beautiful person inside and out. She's well-groomed -- everything I think a woman should be.

    "Some of the annoying things about my mom which happen ... I can repeat myself sometimes and be repetitive. It's like 'okay, you just said that.' And my mom does the same thing. My husband is like 'you just sound like your mom,' and I'm like ugh, don't say that. Some things you just can't get away from." -- boxing champion and entrepreneur Laila Ali on her mom Veronica (pictured here with Grandma)

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