6 Celeb Moms Tell Us When They Realized: OMG, I'm Becoming My Mother!

Ayesha Curry and mom
Courtesy of Ayesha Curry
Most of us have been there: the moment we hear ourselves saying -- or see ourselves doing -- something that is all too familiar. Maybe it's a mom-ism we swore we'd never repeat, or a certain recognizable habit that starts creeping into our daily routines. But it's definitely the realization that, yes, we are becoming our mothers. 


For some of us, this happens way before we even join the mom club (me, me, over here!). But for many, stepping into that life-changing role really brings out those distinct qualities so often seen in our moms.

And, it's no different for some of our favorite celebrity mamas, who shared with CafeMom how aspects of their own mom games are definitely resembling those of the women who raised them. Whether they finally understand why their moms were fiercely protective or they're starting to say the same things over and over ... and over ... again, they all seem to admit one thing: Mom usually does know best. 

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