Jessica Simpson Shares Daughter's Cute Birthday Pic & Riles Up Mom Shamers

Jessica Simpson
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Happy birthday to this adorable little girl! Jessica Simpson's daughter, Maxwell, turned 5, and the family celebrated this milestone with a mermaid-themed birthday party. The proud mom shared a pic from the event, and while it's super-cute, it's also causing the mommy-shamers to come out in full force. 


Of course, the singer and her hubby, Eric Johnson, look phenomenal, but it's their gorgeous kids who really steal the spotlight in this family photo. 

Jessica Simpson daughter birthday

The excited mom captioned the pic: 

My baby Maxwell is 5 years old today. She makes everyone's life mermaid magical. Happy Birthday to our fairytale princess. Mommy, Daddy, and Ace love you with our "holy hearts" (as Max would say)

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While we think Jess's little mermaid looks adorable (that skirt is too cute!), there were some commenters who were quick to mommy-shame the 36-year-old for her daughter's outfit and stance.

"Omg why would she have her daughter look like that, especially with all the perverts in this world!" one wrote.

"Seriously? Your daughter posing like that? In an outfit like that? With a stupid 'trying to look sexy face' look .. Highly disturbing. And you look like a stripper .. Not a mom throwing her 5 year old a birthday party. This picture screams 'dysfunctional' ... Sad," another commented.

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Ouch! Others rushed to Jess's defense, writing, "Such a beautiful family" and "beautiful family picture. luv the mermaid skirt. so cute."

Simpson also shared a photo of her daughter as a newborn.

Jessica Simpson daughter
She captioned this sweet throwback photo: "First Splash." We love that Jess and crew have made Max's birthday so special. 

Unfortunately, mom-shaming is the activity du jour, so we shouldn't be surprised that a family photo shared in the spirit of fun draws the ire of so-called fans. Fortunately, we know Jess, who's been teased about everything from Chicken of the Sea to mom jeans, has some thick skin. We're sure creating a memorable birthday for her daughter is far more important than what anyone else has to say.

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