New Mom Irina Shayk's Post-Baby Body Pic Says More About Us Than Her

Irina Shayk bathing suit

A month after Irina Shayk gave birth to her and Bradley Cooper's first child, the incredibly private supermodel popped up on Instagram this week chilling out in a bikini at the pool. It may sound like something absolutely normal to do when the weather is nice outside, but Shayk's already being treated to a healthy dose of mommy judgment with some skinny shaming on the side. 


The image above was shared by Shayk with the words "pre-sunset #currentsituation" and a few emojis. She doesn't say "I abandoned the kid with a nanny," or "LOOK AT MY SUPER SKINNY BELLY!"

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And yet there are hundreds of folks tearing Shayk down. The general sentiment can be summed up with this comment: 

"Wish celebrities would focus on their children and not be so into their looks so soon after having a baby."

Does anyone else sense someone's projecting a wee bit? Shayk doesn't seem terribly focused on her looks -- at least not any more than anyone else whose job is intrinsically tied to his or her appearance. Her caption said nothing about her "post-baby body." There were no calls for applause for her washboard abs. 

Yes, Irina Shayk is thin. She's thinner than the average American woman (who is a size 16 even when she's not one month postpartum). So what? Her body is her body, and that body is not affecting you one bit. 

Surely there is the celebrity advantage here -- she can afford personal trainers and folks who can watch the baby while she works out. Then again, genetics surely play a role too. Science has shown a very clear link between our genes and our weight

These are things we all need to keep in mind when we look at magazines showing off "perfect" bodies. It's easy to look at them and allow the demons in our heads to whisper, "You could look like that too; why don't you?" It behooves us to quiet them with facts and science. 

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It also behooves the magazine publishers and beauty and fashion advertisers out there not to focus on manufactured beauty ideals, not to Photoshop models so they're nearly unrecognizable, and not to push impossible standards onto the public. When someone else is focused on making "thin" seem like it's the only way to be, it can have damaging effects on a huge sector of the population, both female and male. 

But it's not Shayk making a big deal of her size. She's not pushing herself out there as the role model for postpartum life. She's not the infamous "Fit Mom" who lashed out at other mothers for not trying hard enough to be thin.

She's a woman who posted a photo of herself existing. If her existence feels like a personal affront, that says more about you than it does about her. 

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