15 Celeb Mom Breastfeeding Moments That Made Us Want to Stand Up & Cheer

15 Celeb Mom Breastfeeding Moments That Made Us Want to Stand Up & Cheer

Peta Murgatroyd pumping

As nursing mothers know, breastfeeding can be challenging, sweet, funny, empowering ... sometimes all on the same day! That's why we love when celebrity moms are open and honest about their experiences in this particular area of parenting. Not only do their social media shares and interview sound bites go a long way in helping to normalize breastfeeding, but they also help everyone to feel like they're a little less alone. 

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Breastfeeding can be a touchy subject for some women. When, how, and for how long a mama breastfeeds are hot topics that can cause a lot of debate on the old interwebz. But sometimes clarity can come from the rich and famous -- in this case, celebrity moms who not only chose to breastfeed, but chose to be public with the ups and downs of getting a baby to nurse! These women not only have the whole world screaming their names, but also have a baby who will scream if they miss their 3 o'clock feeding. 

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From the been-there-done-that to the totally inspiring, these are some of our favorite celeb mom breastfeeding moments from recent years that we totally relate to. Let's keep 'em coming, ladies!

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