Tess Holliday Opens Up About the 'Dark Time' So Many New Moms Experience

tess holliday breastfeading
There's still an unfortunate stigma surrounding all of the emotional challenges new moms face, but thanks to people like Tess Holliday speaking out, more and more women are opening up about their experiences. The model and mother-of-two shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her second child, son Bowie Juniper, last year, and opened up in her caption about the "dark" place she was in at the time -- promising other moms that there really is a "light at the end."


Holliday, the 31-year-old body-positive activist who is also mom to 11-year-old son Ryder, has been refreshingly open on social media about the struggles she's faced since giving birth -- from sobbing her way through sleepless nights to the difficulties of accepting her post-baby body. And now that her baby is getting a little bit older and she's finding her groove as a mama again, she's looking back at those early days of Bowie's infancy with a newfound perspective, and appreciating how far she's come.

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In the pic, Holliday looks like she has it all together:

tess holliday breastfeeding her son

Beautiful! But looks can be deceiving, of course -- and on the inside, Holliday was going through an incredibly hard time, as she wrote:

It's not #tbt technically, but I found this photo on my phone now from September of last year & it gave me so many feels. This photo was taken at my dear friends @honeywoodvintage @charlieoverbey home during a dark time in my life. I was an emotional mess + struggling to find my way as a new mom again. When I looked at this photo a wave of sadness poured over me, but now I only see my tiny bubs nursing & Sweetie looking on like a nervous new mom. Life is messy, love is complicated, & it can all feel so overwhelming but we grow & learn. I'm so grateful for my life & appreciate it all, even if I can't always see the light at the end... it's there. Promise #momofboys #motherhoodrising #normalizebreastfeeding

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Well said! The feelings Holliday talks about here are something so many, many women can relate to. The emotions that come with having a new baby are so intense, so all-consuming, that moms often end up feeling completely isolated and overwhelmed. And the worst part is, having a child is supposed to be a happy time -- so all that sadness can lead to guilt and shame, which only makes everything worse.

That's why it's such a big deal that Holliday is so open about being an "emotional mess" and the struggles of motherhood in general, while others like Chrissy Teigen and Adele are honest with their fans about their battles with postpartum depression. We have to normalize all of these feelings, so no mom ever feels alone in her pain or too ashamed to ask for help again.

Bravo to Holliday for her bravery and willingness to help other moms!

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