Nancy Kerrigan Sheds Light on the Devastation of Miscarriage in 'DWTS' Clip

Nancy Kerrigan DWTS
Dancing With the Stars/ABC via People

During the Most Memorable Year week on Dancing with the Stars, contestants always share incredibly emotional stories, and what Nancy Kerrigan shared with viewers was as heartbreaking as it was important. The former Olympian revealed in a preshow clip that after she and her husband Jerry Solomon welcomed their first son, Matthew, in December 1997, she went on to suffer six miscarriages.   


"Since I was 10 years old, I always wanted to have three kids by the time I was 30, sort of like what my mom had done," Kerrigan explained in the clip to her dance partner, Artem Chigvintsev. "Not long after having Matthew, we thought we wanted to have more kids. So I got pregnant, but I had a miscarriage ... it makes you feel like a failure."

She went on to detail the heartbreaking experience. "The first time that you go in and they tell you, 'Oh, there's no heartbeat,' it's devastating," Kerrigan said. "It almost felt shameful, because I couldn't do it on my own." 

It was also gut-wrenching to have to explain one of the miscarriages to Matthew. She shared with People: "How do you explain [a miscarriage] to a little kid? Having to tell them that it was now gone and they had to take it out? He asked why and we had to explain, 'Because it's dead. It's not alive anymore.' That was awful." So, so sad.

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Later on, Kerrigan went on to give birth to her two younger children, Brian, in 2005, and Nicole, in 2008, thanks to in vitro fertilization (IVF). And she is so grateful and overjoyed to be a mom of three. 

As emotionally draining as it must have been for her to look back on that incredibly difficult time, DWTS viewers and Kerrigan fans are undoubtedly grateful to the former figure skater for sharing her poignant story. All too often, miscarriage is stigmatized, and, in turn, women end up feeling so alone. The fact is that there are so many women who've gone through something similar to Kerrigan's experience, and the more we talk about it, the less alone we'll feel.  

For that reason, Kerrigan deserves a round of applause for sharing her truth.

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Here's the clip from last night's DWTS if you missed it:

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