15 Celeb Moms With Parenting Advice We Can Actually Use

Kate Middleton with George and Charlotte
James Whatling/Splash News
No matter how old your children might be, if you see or hear an insightful bit of parenting advice that you think will work with your kids, you're apt to steal it. Juggling a lot simultaneously, celebrity moms have to become masters at the art of parenting (often in the public eye!), so it's only natural that they'd have some tips and tricks up their oh-so-fashionable sleeves. 


While most moms aren't eager to embrace unsolicited advice, if you find a nugget of wisdom in someone else's parenting style, you may want to give a try with your own family.

Check out how these 15 celebrity moms have tackled some of parenthood's challenges like the pros they are. 

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