Janet Jackson May Be Looking at a Divorce 3 Months After Becoming a Mom

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana
Vincenzo Lombardo / Getty Images
There's always something sad about seeing a celebrity's impending divorce make headlines, and the news that Janet Jackson and husband Wissam Al Mana are reportedly splitting is no different. The singer just announced three months ago that they'd welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Eissa. Now if reports are true, Jackson will be juggling diapers and divorce papers. 


The whys of the split are all in speculation stage -- some reports say it's amicable; some say Al Mana was "too controlling" during Jackson's pregnancy. What's really going on is clearly something only the couple knows. 

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Still, the fact that this comes just three months after the singer gave birth (as first reported by the Mail on Sunday) is hardly surprising. Many a marriage has only grown stronger in the wake of a baby's arrival. We're not going to truck with myths about how babies ruin your love life. 

But anyone who has given birth knows that becoming a mom tends to put your whole life in perspective. Suddenly the things that seemed important prior to welcoming a child pale in comparison to your number one priority: keeping this little person healthy and safe and trying your best to make sure he or she feels all of your love. 

Even the most hesitant of parents tend to become fierce protectors of their children, an empowerment that can enable a new mom to make huge changes in her life ... even looking to divorce a spouse of several years. 

Is it motherhood that made Jackson say, hold up, this isn't right, we have to end this? Who knows. It's entirely possible that Jackson looked around her life with little Eissa and decided this is what she had to do to do right by her son, for any of a number of reasons. Or maybe not. Maybe it was just time. 

Regardless of her motivation, seeing Jackson go through this in a very public manner can buoy other moms who are nervous about making such a big change right after what some would say is the biggest change of all -- transitioning to motherhood. 

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Choosing to seek divorce is scary, but it's also the right choice for countless people, even new moms with itty-bitty babies at home. And while research does show divorce has an effect on kids (how can it not?), the effects tend to be minor for most kids. When it happens with kids as young as Eissa, much of what makes it rough on older kids, such as being surprised by the news or adjusting to significantly new routines, can be avoided. And if you're struggling in life because of your marriage, getting rid of that stress may just make parenting a little bit easier ... for both of you. 

Here's hoping Jackson and Al Mana can figure the co-parenting thing out and both find happiness on the other side. That's what little Eissa needs for his parents. 

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