Pink's Pic With Son Jameson Gives Us Major 'Spring Break' #Goals

Christopher Peterson/Splash News

In case you couldn't tell by the sea of Facebook updates about traveling to warm and sunny destinations -- and peacing out for the week -- spring break is here and in full effect. From teachers to students and their families, everyone is putting up their "Do not disturb" signs, and it appears they aren't the only ones. Singer Pink shared a dreamy pic of her 3-month-old son Jameson Moon just chilling that will give you serious wanderlust.


The 37-year-old Grammy award winner and her newest addition (Pink and hubby Carey Hart also have a 5-year-old daughter named Willow Sage) look super cozy as they chill outside at an undisclosed location. "Spring break," Pink captions in this sweet mommy-son snap.

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Singer Pink with son Jameson

Aside from wishing I could "I Dream of Jeannie" myself into that chair with the purse on it, I must say this photo is giving me so much life right now ... likely because where I live is cold (#Buffaloproblems).

Pink looks so damn relaxed as she looks on in her bathrobe. I don't know if she just came from the spa, is going to the spa, or simply feels the spirit move her to sashay around in that cotton garment because she DGAF. 

This mom looks relaxed and happy -- which is all that matters.

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And can we talk about baby Jameson for a sec, and all of his cuteness. This little chubby guy looks so in love with his mommy as he fixes his gaze on Pink in the most precious way. Who knows if baby is trying to get his mom's attention because he's hungry, or simply wants to offer an unspoken "Thank you" for tasting whatever paradise he's in at such a young age.

All I know is that Pink's photo inspires me to sit back and chillax with my babies -- be it in the backyard, on a staycation, or in some faraway land. For moms, it's so easy to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle that you forget to stop and kick your feet up.

Thanks for the reminder, Pink!

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