Carrie Underwood Exercising With Her 'Workout Buddy' Is Every Mom

Carrie Underwood
Jason Walle / ZUMA Press / Splash News

Moms of littles know that carving out time to head to the gym -- without LO hanging off the side of your right leg for dear life -- can be very rare. Sometimes you gotta mix the two, which can make for a cute moment like this one: Carrie Underwood's workout session with her 2-year-old son Isaiah is just about as adorable as you can get -- and gives us some pretty major #momgoals in the world of fitness, too!


The 34-year-old Grammy winner posted this oh-so-darling video on Instagram that shows off both Carrie and Isaiah's yoga prowess.

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Playfully calling her little guy her "workout buddy," Carrie and her son look like an adorable duo ready to conquer both the world and that downward-facing dog pose. 

"... Big man is in his fire truck PJs ... whatever works!" Mom jokingly captions as she points out her boy's workout attire. (The grips on the bottom of Isaiah's onesie could double as yoga socks.)

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Looking at this lovable mommy-son moment makes me smile so much. While I am not well versed in the art of yoga (I can barely touch my toes ... don't judge me), there have been many times when I tried to squeeze in a quick workout session that ended in my 3- and 1½-year-old boys by my side trying to hold a squat or attempt a burpee.

Kids are just so darn cute (especially at this age) and love mimicking everything their parents do. 

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Though Carrie does admit she hasn't mastered the art of practicing yoga, one thing appears certain: Mom has found a fun way to bond with her precious boy and burn a few calories in the process.

Hey, if working out with my kiddos can help me get toned legs like Carrie's, I'm all for it.

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