Amber Tamblyn & David Cross's First Close-Up of Marlow Was Worth the Wait

david Cross Amber Tamblyn baby
Johns PKI / Splash News

Even babies can have some funky hair days. Amber Tamblyn and David Cross shared the first full photo of their adorable daughter Marlow Alice -- and she's beyond precious. But while her face is angelic, it's her hair that her witty and wry parents are most intrigued by. The new dad and mom's captions are so funny, we wish we were part of this family.   


The Arrested Development star wrote this of his new daughter:

"Somehow my wife gave birth to a 55 year old furrier from Crown Heights. I'm investigating."

Take a peek and see if you agree with Cross's comparison:

David Cross Amber Tamblyn baby

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We think David has nothing to worry about. This baby totally has his eyes! But jokes about the newborn didn't end there. Her mom placed this funny caption -- a reference to the little girl's sidelocks -- beside the repost:

"My daughter is growing her payos out nicely. Good morning, world! Marlow loves you!"

And on Twitter, Amber joked: "Seriously guys, Marlow is asking for a friend: Who farted?"

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Seeing as this baby was born to two parents who are notoriously hilarious, we'd say little Marlow will have some pretty thick skin -- and, undoubtedly, a great sense of humor.

As we all know, good hair comes and goes, but comedic chops last forever. 

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