Fans Think Beyonce Just Announced the Sex of Her Twins -- & It's Kinda Flawless

Beyonce at the Grammys
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The BeyHive is buzzing about a new theory that's packed with all the honey you need to sip on your tea. Apparently, fans believe Beyonce is hinting about the sex of her twins in new photos she published on her website. And you know what, it kinda makes sense in a Destiny's Child The Writing's on the Wall kind of way.


Showing off a velvet dress and matching thigh-high boots (yas, queen!), the Grammy winner might be serving more to the cameras than just fierce and flawless maternity style.

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Beyonce fans speculate she's sending a message about her twin's gender

"Beyoncé is Having BOYS.... BEYONCÉ is having BOYS .... She wearing them earrings from the video 'If I Were A Boy' #WAKEUP," one fan wrote on Twitter.

Say what now?

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It's okay if you looked at Beyonce's pic and didn't see anything more than a haute mom-to-be who's already rocked the maternity scene once while pregnant with now-5-year-old Blue Ivy. However, you definitely score some major cool points in the BeyHive if you noticed the earrings Bey is rocking look mighty similar to the ones she wore in her music video for the 2008 song "If I Were a Boy."

Beyonce fans believe she's dropping a hint about her twin's sex

Maternity pics. "If I Were a Boy" earrings. Maternity pics. "If I Were a Boy" earrings.


Bey, are you trying to tell us something??

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Obviously, this is all just fan speculation at the moment, but it is quite interesting. To my knowledge, Bey isn't really known for recycling old looks, especially ones she rocked nine years ago.

... But she is known for her symbolism and subtlety that continues to deliver life sermons, keep us thinking, and inspire us to make lemonade out of lemons.

So maybe this could be true. We do have a chance of being right. Then again, maybe this is just some coincidence that's something else to talk about. 

Guess time will tell!

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