Amal Clooney's Baby Bump Isn't Really as Exciting as Her Badass Job

Amal Clooney in yellow
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In today's installment of "Stars: They're just like us!": Even celebrities have a hard time being taken seriously at work when they're pregnant, as Amal Clooney recently discovered. The extremely successful and accomplished human rights lawyer gave a stirring and important speech at the UN about ISIS, and all anybody seemed to care about was her baby bump. Sigh.


Joined by her client, ISIS survivor and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Nadia Murad, Clooney delivered an impassioned plea to the UN to investigate the horrifying crimes committed by ISIS, including rape, murder, and forced conversions.

"Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen: What is shocking here is not just the brutality of ISIS but how long those who know about it can remain passive," she said. "If we do not change course, history will judge us, and there will be no excuse for our failure to act. We cannot say that ISIS' crimes were not serious enough; we cannot say that the interests of powerful states stood in the way; or that these crimes are too hard to prove. That's why I am asking you today: to stand up for justice."

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Powerful words. (The full transcript of her speech can be read here.)

Unfortunately, her message was overshadowed by the fact that she happens to be carrying her husband George Clooney's twins, and that she's beginning to physically display that fact. Just check out this tweet from Time:


Ouch, seriously?! Talk about missing the point. This ridiculously reductive treatment of life-or-death issues would be laughable if it wasn't actually sad. I can only imagine the epic facepalm Amal Clooney did when she saw this headline. And it's especially insulting that they used the term "show off" -- as if this very significant professional moment was somehow nothing more than a display of expecting exhibitionism. Not that she merely showed her bump off, of course -- according to the headline of the Motto article Time linked to in its tweet, she also "rocked" it: "Amal Clooney Rocks the Baby Bump Ahead of U.N. Speech."

Ron Asadorian/Splash News

It should be noted here that Time did update its headline to "Amal Clooney Addresses United Nations on ISIS," but not before a whole lot of people saw the original and got understandably extremely irritated. Aren't we past this kind of thing yet? Will we ever be?!

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The fact that this is the reaction Clooney got to one of her first public appearances since announcing her pregnancy isn't surprising, but ... come on. Yes, Clooney is a celebrity, but not for the reasons most celebrities are. She's not a performer; she's married to one. Her fame, before her famous marriage, was because of her humanitarian work, not her red carpet savvy or love life. Is it really fair to give this woman and soon-to-be-mother the tabloid treatment just because she married into the Hollywood scene?

It would have been one thing if Clooney had been out shopping for baby clothes or having lunch with a friend or taking a yoga class. Then, sure, talk about how much her baby bump rocks all you want. I'm sure that's the kind of thing you brace yourself for when you marry a huge star. But the woman was talking to the UN about ISIS and genocide.

At the very least, people are now paying attention to the fact that the speech happened at all. But let's hope the next time Amal Clooney speaks, there's a lot more listening ... and a lot less bump-watching.

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