Critics of Ciara's Nude Maternity Shoot With Her Family Need to Chill

Ciara and husband, NFL Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, pose with baby Future Jr. in nude maternity photo
Harper's BAZAAR via Ciara/Instagram

The sooner we all realize that you don't have to create posters and take to the streets every time a mother does something you don't approve of, the longer we'll all live. While no one can deny how much nude photos can turn heads, this picture of Ciara naked with her toddler son and her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar visually narrates a loving stillness that is their family. The image isn't anything that justifies hate mail or negative commentary on Ciara's Instagram.


As a fan of Ciara's ("Goodies" and "1, 2 Step" are my jams!), I must say that looking at this shot of Cici, Russell, and 2-year-old Future Jr. (Ciara's son with rapper and ex Future) for the first time got me so excited for this growing and blended family.

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Just The 4 Of Us. â�¤ï¸ï¿½ @harpersbazaarus

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"Just the 4 of us."


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As you might've guessed, not everyone was happy to see this pic.

"You just trying to outdo Beyonce but this pic is plain stupid," snapped one commenter.

"You filthy b*tch you," wrote another. (Sheesh.)

Unlike some of singer's commenters, I'm not offended by the nudity. Honestly, I'm more worried about where Russell's head is in the photo (y'all known flatulence during pregnancy is a real thing) than I am about Ciara and little Future's being nude.

Even though I'm about as prude as you come most days, I think this photo is beautiful and shows off this family's love for one another and a gorgeous vulnerability.

Now, would I pose nude in a photo shoot like this and share it for the entire Interwebs to see? Nah. I can't picture it and highly doubt my husband put his face that close to my butt when I was expecting. (I should've bought him a gas mask ... sorry, babe.) But that doesn't mean I'm personally offended -- or am ready to drag Ciara's name through the mud like I don't have home training.

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It's just not that serious to me and really feeds into woman- and mom-shaming that needs to stop these days. Ciara isn't the first mother to take maternity photos or pictures in the nude with her child, so let's not act like we're entering uncharted territory.

My biggest concern with this photo is whether or not Ciara spoke to her ex about little Future's being a part of the photo shoot before it happened. I don't care how nice -- or how much of an a**hole -- a former flame is, it's always good to check in with the other parent to make sure everyone is on the same page. (Y'all don't need any more potential drama that could find its way in family court.)

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No matter how you feel about this mother-son photo, just move on with your life. It's your right to love it or hate it, but it's also Ciara's right as a mother to do what she thinks is best -- no matter how much it does or does not align with your ideals.

Keep doing you, Mama -- and as you say, "I'm Ciara, and I'm a bad A-S-S."

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