Amber Tamblyn Is All About That #MilkLife in This Hilarious, Honest Selfie

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It hasn't even been a month since Amber Tamblyn gave birth and already she's one of our favorite celeb moms ever: First, she introduced her daughter with comedian David Cross to the world via an Instagram post that spoofed ridiculous Hollywood baby names. Now, she's back on social media with a milk-soaked T-shirt and a delightfully sour attitude to match!


It's a photo guaranteed to make any mom who's ever breastfed laugh (and cringe) in recognition: that stretched-out tee covered in oddly shaped splotches (some wet, some dry), that hand on the lower back (because ow, being a new mama is hard on your body), that "too tired to care" smirk ... Oh honey, been there! 

But, as one would expect from the fabulous, feminist Tamblyn, she's not letting these postpartum troubles steal her sense of humor. Just check out her caption:

"Who Wore It Better? Left tit or right tit? #MilkLife #StarsTheyreJustLikeUs"

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Love it! This is one of the many, many parts of new motherhood that doesn't get talked about nearly enough. The part where you, your baby, all of your clothes, and every blanket and pillow in the house are drenched in breast milk, 24/7. From the abundance of positive comments, it's clear that Tamblyn's frank and funny post is hitting home with fans who know exactly what this particular struggle is all about (and who are probably relieved to know they're not alone). And honestly, what's the point of changing into a clean shirt when it's just going to turn into yet another milk rag in five minutes' time?

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We're not at all surprised that Tamblyn is emerging as a source of refreshing honesty for moms everywhere, considering her passion for women's rights and willingness to tell it like it is. But we're still thrilled to see it happening! Here's looking forward to the many motherhood milestones Tamblyn is sure to comment on in the near future. Never change, Amber!

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