Kate Hudson's Ex Chris Robinson Is Challenging Their Custody Agreement -- Uh-Oh

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This devoted celebrity mom of two could be in for a rough few months. Kate Hudson's ex-husband, Chris Robinson, is challenging the custody agreement the couple agreed to a decade ago. Robinson has filed documents with California's Superior Court, requesting that the agreement pertaining to their 13-year-old son, Ryder, be reopened and reevaluated. 


The daughter of Goldie Hawn married the Black Crowes frontman in 2000, and the two divorced in 2007 when Ryder was just 2. Since then, Robinson has gone on to marry and have a daughter, while Hudson has another son, Bingham, from her past relationship with ex-fiancé Matthew Bellamy.

We can only imagine how hard this must be for Kate. Back in January, the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star shared a heartfelt tribute to Ryder on his 13th birthday. In the throwback Instagram post, Kate wrote:

I couldn't be more in love with who you are as a person and who you are growing into as a young man. Smart, funny, joyful, tolerant, perceptive, empathetic, loving, you continue to maintain the beautiful attributes of your true nature and I will always be there as your touchstone to help nurture them or rediscover them if they ever get cloudy.

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So sweet. Still, 13 is a tough age, and a source echoed that sentiment to Us Weekly, saying, "Ryder is at a sensitive age and wants to be with his dad." 

If it's true, that has to break Kate's heart, but at the same time, kids go through phases and maybe he wants a change. Perhaps Robinson, who had a falling-out with his brother Rich over ownership of their longtime rock group, wants Ryder to be close with his half-sister?

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But before any decisions are made, both Hudson and Robinson will undergo evaluation interviews, which they both agreed to, and Ryder will also be interviewed in order to determine the best living arrangement for the teen.

That's not all! Additionally, the evaluator will be granted full access to the former spouses' health (mental and physical) records, plus their education and employment histories.

Wow, sounds like Kate's going to be put through the wringer. Good thing she seems incredibly strong and has the support of her amazing mom, brother, and father figure, Kurt Russell, behind her. 

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Hudson will cover the $7,500 cost of the evaluation, as court documents reportedly reveal. That seems sort of unfair considering Robinson is the one requesting that the agreement be reevaluated. (Good thing the super-fit mama has her Fabletics side hustle to get the cash flowing in!) 

Custody agreements are a tricky business, and reaching an amicable outcome isn't always easy. We hope whatever happens in the case, it doesn't take too much of a toll on all parties. 

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