Drew Barrymore Shows Off Daughter Olive Stepping into Mama's Shoes

Drew Barrymore
Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

For parents, it's only natural to experience all the feels when your child follows in your footsteps -- including when said child rocks your kicks. Drew Barrymore's photo of her daughter Olive wearing her heels is all the cuteness you really need to see today.


Drew's 4-year-old tot (Mom also has a 2½-year-old girl named Frankie) looks ready to hit the town in her pair of gold, strappy heels. The 41-year-old mom couldn't help but capture the moment and share it on Instagram.

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Because, seriously, what the heck else is cuter than when your kid tries to wear your clothes and shoes?

"This is beauty to me," Drew wrote alongside the photo. "My sweet Olive in my shoes. This is also a girl flirting with [feeling] pretty."

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Whether or not little Olive is "flirting with feeling pretty," she sure does look adorable in her mommy's heels -- and brings back memories of my trying on a pair of my mother's high heels ... and my dad's police boots. (I had to keep things interesting.)

Personally, I love the idea of rocking heels with one or two semi-painted toes. I can't paint my nails to save my life, and I get so tired of trying to make them "perfect" in order to look presentable -- or pretty.

You might inspire a new trend, Olive girl!

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Seeing as Drew once told People she's "a total tomboy" and Olive is notorious for choosing "crazy combinations" whenever the 4-year-old dresses herself, it's cool to watch this mom encourage her girls to just be themselves as they discover what pretty means to them. 

Because self-confidence is the prettiest accessory anyone can rock.

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