21 Celeb Mom Pics That Prove Parenting Isn't Glamorous for Anyone

21 Celeb Mom Pics That Prove Parenting Isn't Glamorous for Anyone

Jennifer Garner

When we imagine the lives of celebrity moms, most of us picture perfectly Instagram-ready existences aided by the constant presence of nannies, housekeepers, and personal trainers. (Basically, the "good life," with enough money to finance all the help and "mom needs a break, so give me a little time alone" breaks a mother could dream.) But despite what most of us believe, it just so happens that not all famous mamas choose massages and red carpet appearances over the daily parenting grind: Some are as ready and willing to get their hands dirty as the rest of us. It's true -- and we've got the proof right here.

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These are the star moms we'll always appreciate and respect for keeping it real -- no matter how far removed from reality their lives might seem! Because let's face it, laundry needs to get done, kids need to get picked up from school, life gets a little messy, and sometimes we have to work with a kid strapped to our chest. These are the realities of being a mommy, movie-star or not. 

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This is the exact opposite of our list of unapologetically sexy selfies from celeb moms

These moms get real and show us that motherhood is not always glamorous. Even with all the fame and fortune, it's still just parenting for celebrity moms. 

Celeb moms -- they're just like us after all.