Blake Lively Shares How She Survives a Typical Toddler Wardrobe Meltdown

Blake Lively at the Michael Kors Collection Fall 2017 Runway Show
Richard Buxo / Splash News

Any parent knows that negotiating with little kids takes a certain amount of finesse, a bit of compromise, and bribery at times, especially when it comes to what they wear. And, yes, it can often result in children leaving the house looking like random superheros, princesses, or a combination of the two. Blake Lively recently revealed how she copes with daughter James's tantrums should the 2-year-old not get to wear what she wants, which goes to show no one is immune to tot-sized meltdowns.


The 29-year-old mom of two (Blake and husband Ryan Reynolds are proud parents to daughters James, 2, and Ines, 4 months) opened up about her recent parenting and fashion struggle with her eldest daughter during an appearance at the Michael Kors show with her sister, Robyn Lively, at New York City Fashion Week.

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In fact, Blake's style debate got so "lively" with James, hubby Ryan Reynolds came into the room to find out why the toddler was so hysterical.

"She [James] wanted to wear jellies, and I was like, 'It's 20 degrees outside. You can't wear jellies,'" Blake tells E! News. "We don't argue over taste. For me, it's just practical. You wear Uggs when it's 20 degrees, and when it's warmer, you can wear strappy jellies. So I put the jellies in my purse so she could transition into them indoors."

Way to go, Blake!

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I can't tell you how many times I've met up with mom friends only to see their kids dressed with mismatching shoes and off-season clothes.

And the response I always get is, "Don't ask."


I feel like I could work for the UN as I'm constantly negotiating and compromising with my 3-year-old on what shoes he wants to wear out of the house. (Sorry, honey, but snow boots aren't a good look in the summertime.) It can be a real struggle, though I'm happy he's already looking for ways to express himself creatively.

Hearing Blake's story makes me laugh and nod my head, as I've been there ... hell, we all have. 

May the force be with us always. Those meltdowns, especially in public, are no joke.

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