Peta Murgatroyd's Selfie Nails the 'Joys of Motherhood' for Breastfeeding Moms

Peta Murgatroyd
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When you become a mom, things like shame and shock tend to go out the window faster than your finding out you pooped on the delivery table. Mothers have seen -- and will see -- it all. This is one of the reasons we love Dancing With the Stars pro and new mom Peta Murgatroyd's Instagram selfie that shows a common breastfeeding problem many nursing mamas have. Seriously, this is pretty funny.


The 30-year-old new mom (Peta and fellow DWTS pro, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, welcomed their son Shai to the world on January 4) recently took to Instagram, where she shared an honest postpartum post that hints at "the joys of motherhood."

If you happen to be a breastfeeding mom, yeah, you've probably been here (lol).

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Oh the joys of motherhood � Leaking boobies are so NOT hot right now... LOL #mustremembermyboobpads

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"Leaking boobies are so NOT hot right now... LOL," Peta writes in the caption.

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As silly as Peta's photo might be to some, it's a bit refreshing to see celeb moms being so honest about aspects of motherhood that don't look so glam. This photo makes me laugh and nod my head, as I've been there more times than I'd like to admit. 

My boobs were so leaky with my second son (boob pads didn't help), I used to douse myself with water to make things a bit more even. (Thank God I had a summer baby.) And that oftentimes was after some kind person pointed out that I had milk rings, LOL!

(Hey, it comes with the breastfeeding territory.)

Thanks for the chuckle about your motherhood journey, Peta! And speaking of motherhood, your son Shai looks like a dream! 

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