Pink's Post-Baby Body Is Absolutely Perfect in Every Way

Jen Lowery/Splash News

Pink gave birth to her second child, baby boy Jameson, just six weeks ago. In that time, the superstar singer has been A) working out in beast mode, B) shunning all the carbs, C) basically shedding the baby weight overnight without any work at all, or D) none of the above! If you guessed D, you're right on track -- and so is Pink. She took to Instagram yesterday to proudly announce that it was her first day back at the gym since giving birth, and not just that, but Pink hasn't lost any baby weight at all yet.


"Day 1!!!!!!!! Lets do this @msjeanettejenkins (week 6 post baby and I haven't lost ANY WEIGHT YET!!!!) yaye me!!!!! I'm normal!" the singer wrote as a caption to a selfie with her trainer Jeanette Jenkins.

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Here's the cute Insta post:

Yep, as most moms who have just given birth can attest, Pink is totally normal. Although women who exercised during pregnancy and had uncomplicated vaginal deliveries are told it's safe to begin light exercise within days of delivery or as soon as they feel ready, women who had a C-section or complicated birth are encouraged to talk to their health care provider and generally get back to light exercise about four to six weeks postpartum. In other words, any woman -- famous or not -- is encouraged to take her time and ease into a post-baby fitness plan. 

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Not to mention that when you're juggling all of the demands of caring for a newborn, and maybe also an older child (as Pink is!), and, oh, just living your life, dropping the baby weight may not be your ultimate #1 priority. Something you want to do, sure, but not necessarily on a rigid schedule.

Even though Pink is in the spotlight and what she does for a living requires a lot of physical stamina (the woman never ceases to impress us with those Cirque du Soleil acrobatics at her performances!), she took six weeks off to bond with her baby and chill. The fact that she's not only sharing that with her followers but underlining the fact that it's completely normal is fantastic. She's exactly where she should be, and so is every mom whose goal is to tackle her post-baby fitness in her own time.

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