Chelsea Peretti Channels Beyonce With an Announcement of Her Own

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti
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Beyonce might be the queen of the BeyHive, but she's not the only one who can turn heads with a pregnancy announcement. Actress Chelsea Peretti recently announced she's expecting a child with her husband, comedian Jordan Peele, in a way that is pretty amusing in its own right. After all, how could you expect this Brooklyn Nine-Nine funny gal not to poke a little fun at Beyonce's now famous pregnancy reveal?


Taking to Instagram, the 38-year-old mom-to-be posed for a cute selfie to show off her baby bump.

... And acknowledge all the (well-deserved) hoopla over a certain musical icon's recent pregnancy announcement.

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beyonce schmonce

A photo posted by Chelsea Peretti (@chelsanity) on

"beyonce schmonce," Chelsea wrote in the caption.


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Obviously Chelsea is having fun and is not trying to fire any shots at Beyonce. (Put your stingers down, BeyHive.) It's cute, effortless, and gets the point across without the need for red carpet hair and flower props.

I dig it and like the sparkling lights.

I'm excited for Chelsea and Jordan (this baby will be their first child together) and look forward to all the hilarious moments that will likely occur on their parenting journey.

Congrats again!

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