Drop Everything: Beyonce Just Shared a Whole Album of Stunning Pregnancy Pics


Pretty much the best news we've heard in months came from none other than Beyonce yesterday, when the Queen herself announced that she's pregnant with twins! The announcement was posted alongside a photo of Bey rocking her beautiful baby bump, and the Internet lost its collective mind about the colorful image, which is now the most liked photo of all time on Instagram with 8.2 million likes and counting. (Selena Gomez previously held the record.) And as if that wasn't enough slaying, Bey took to her website to share even more stunning shots with the world!


The ethereal and simply elegant photos are presented in a slideshow format, alongside lines of poetry by Warsan Shire, whose work you may remember from Lemonade. We also get behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Carters' marriage and Bey's first pregnancy with Blue Ivy. One of the running themes: "I have three hearts." 

Here are a few of the highlights. 

Just look at this absolute gorgeousness, shot underwater!

Daniela Vesco/Beyonce.com

Daniela Vesco/Beyonce.com

Daniela Vesco/Beyonce.com

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More where that first shot came from ...

Some additional gasp-worthiness, shot in black and white ...

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And Blue made a special appearance, too! 

In conclusion, apparently, Beyonce could see into the future when shooting her "Grown Woman" video. This is what the future looks like, and it is beautiful.

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