Keshia Knight Pulliam Welcomes a Baby Girl With a Name That Gives Her Strength

Keshia Knight Pulliam
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Rudy is a mama, y'all! A huge congratulations are in order for Keshia Knight Pulliam, who gave birth to her first child. The actress and former Cosby Show star is now the proud mother of a baby girl -- and she has one of the sweetest names around.


The 37-year-old recently took to Instagram, where she shared a glimpse of her sweet girl's tiny feet. World, say hello to Ella Grace!

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Ella Grace has arrived!!! �: @mrpulliam

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Aww -- so precious! Ella Grace is such a beautiful baby name: Ella pulls inspiration from the classic Ellen (which means "light"), and Grace comes from the Latin gratia that means "favor" or "thanks." It's such a powerful combination -- with meaning for both her and her mom.

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I'm so happy for Keshia. This mom has definitely been through a lot during her pregnancy, as Keshia's husband, Ed Hartwell, filed for divorce days after her pregnancy announcement. As a woman and a mother, I can't even begin to imagine how Keshia was able to hold it together during such a trying time -- and to do so with such strength and optimism. 

During a past episode of her podcast, Kandidly KeshiaKeshia revealed how her daughter empowered her to endure hardships with grace -- earning the title as a middle name.

"I knew Ella was going to be my first baby girl's first name. Then in the midst of all of this is when she's earned her middle name, Grace," Mom said in her podcast. "When I tell you through all of this the grace of God has so been with us and has covered us and protected us -- she's been my saving grace to get through it."

No matter the drama swirling around her life and pregnancy, you can't help but applaud this kind of strength and hope in the midst of uncertainty and distress -- which is the kind of example our little girls need.

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Hopefully Keshia and Ed are able to come to a place of agreement and find healthy ways to co-parent for the sake of their daughter, Ella Grace. 

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