Lauren Conrad Has Already Learned the Most Annoying Thing About Being Pregnant

Lauren Conrad at the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards - New York
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Only a couple of weeks have passed since Lauren Conrad announced her pregnancy and debuted her baby bump, and the 30-year-old reality star-turned-entrepreneur seems quite comfy in her new role as mom-to-be. LC has been known to bless us with lifestyle advice, but this time Lauren Conrad isn't holding back about "pregnancy etiquette" and what not to say to an expectant mother -- and it's music to our ears.


In a blog post titled "Ladylike Laws: 4 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman," LC kindly reminds fans and readers about common blunders people commit against pregnant women and why they need to stop -- like, right now.

"I may only be in my second trimester, but I've already noticed quite a few etiquette missteps when it comes to how people behave around someone who is expecting," Lauren writes. "A lot of these are things I didn't even think about before entering into pregnancy myself, so I hope they shed some light on this sensitive topic for others who may not be in the know."

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In addition to the usual suspects -- like "Never ask when someone is due unless you are 100 percent certain they are expecting," "Do not ask a married couple when they are going to have kids," or "Refrain from commenting on the size of someone's bump" -- that are pretty big no-nos, one piece of advice made me shout "Amen, sister!" in complete and total agreement:

"Rule No. 4: Don't touch the belly without asking!"

"This one might seem like a no-brainer, but every mama I know has some story about a stranger touching her pregnant belly," Lauren notes. "No matter what your relationship to the mama-to-be is, keep in mind that it's much more pleasant to have someone politely ask if it is OK before groping your midsection."

Um, yes to ALL OF THIS, LC!

Look, I get that seeing an expectant mom with a baby bump can get you in your feels -- like the grandma in Sixteen Candles who just HAD to touch Samantha's "growing" boobies, because they were too cute -- but please, oh, please, do not rub up on a pregnant mama's bump like she's a genie with magical powers.

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As harmless as it might seem, this unwanted act of kindness -- especially from people you don't know -- can make a mom-to-be feel super uncomfortable.

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I can't tell you how many times random people felt the spirit move them to rub on my belly when I was pregnant. Whether I was at the gym lifting weights, running on the treadmill, or standing in line to pick up a takeout order, it definitely happened.

... All the dang time.

Having strangers feel compelled to touch my belly made me feel a bit helpless at times (that may sound silly, I know) -- because it invaded my private space. Plus, I didn't know where the heck their hands had been -- or who they were in general. And that's just ... weird.

(I had many family members rub my belly, which was annoying when it happened 24/7, but expected. I love you, Mom -- LOL.)

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And now that my kiddos are out of the womb and running rampant, as someone who isn't pregnant, I definitely get caught up in the glow of an expectant mom -- and the feels I've felt once in her shoes -- and sometimes feel that spirit make me want to reach out and touch the bump.

But I don't unless I have permission, because that sh*t just ain't cool.

Thank you, LC, for this reminder that we should all put into practice. 

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