Makeup-Free Molly Sims Shows What Being a Mom of 3 Really Looks Like

 Model Molly Sims arrives at the 5th Annual Baby2Baby Gala at 3LABS on November 12, 2016 in Culver City, California, United States
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You know those super happy photos new parents share after the birth of their child that look kinda retouched (who knows, maybe a glam squad was involved) and show all the joyful moments? Yeah, that doesn't tell the whole story. As wonderful as becoming a parent is, it's not always easy -- and this photo Molly Sims shared of her new parenting reality just about sums up what motherhood will really look like for the next few months. (Hint: You won't look rested ... at all.)



The 43-year-old model-turned-actress isn't afraid to keep it real when it comes to her life as a mom of three. Molly shared this photo of her children (Molly and her husband Scott Stuber have son Brooks, 4, daughter Scarlett, 21 months, and son Grey, 1 week) that is so freaking relatable.

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"Our bed got a little more crowded." Aww.

(Did you peep the hospital bands on Mom's wrist?)

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Bags under your eyes: check.

Older kids who have a bed but refuse to sleep in it: check.

Everyone basking in slumber or enjoying something to drink but you: check.

A tired mama, but one who's super grateful for her children: check

Yup, I've been there ... minus the third child. (I have two.)

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Aside from loving the honesty of Molly's photo -- instead of some perfect photo where Mom swears up and down #IWokeUpLikeThis -- I appreciate how it speaks to a point in many parents' journeys that could be considered less than picturesque.

... And yet, Molly looks more beautiful than she'll ever be.

Even though I have a long ways to go before my kids think hanging out in Mom's bed is no longer the cool thing to do (my tots are 3 and 1½), I try to cherish each moment I have with them, with bags under my eyes and all.


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