Waiting to Find Out Your Baby's Gender Is a Surprise You'll Never Regret

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This actress and mom of two took a decidedly old-fashioned approach to her last pregnancy. Stunning Scandal star Kerry Washington revealed that she didn't find out her son's gender ahead of time -- and we totally get it and love her for it. 



Kerry, who's married to former NFL pro Nnamdi Asomugha, welcomed her son Caleb Kelechi in October. He joined big sister Isabelle, 2, rounding out their family of four. 

Having one child of each gender is often a parent's hope, but when the 39-year-old visited Ellen, she seemed delightfully cool with her "surprise."

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She joked with the comedian, "I said I hoped it was human. That turned out to be right. It's a human boy."

I get what she's saying. It's like, you really only have two choices: boy or girl. Now, if there were a third option -- boy, girl, or teddy bear hamster -- everyone would be all "I need to find out ASAP!" LOL.

I didn't find out the gender of my children with any of my three pregnancies and I really loved the "surprise" at the end of those long nine months.

In fact, during my first labor, a nurse told me that moms who don't know the gender tend to push harder and have faster deliveries because they're dying to finally find out if they're greeting a son or daughter. Makes sense, right? Also, when else as an adult are you going to get such an amazing surprise, short of maybe a milestone birthday party?

Apparently Ellen predicted Kerry would have a boy when she was pregnant, so maybe the actress decided the funny lady's words were enough for her. No medical assurance required.

"Who needs DNA tests? Just go to Ellen!" she said, prompting Ellen to joke that she may start a side biz predicting baby's gender. Now that's a show we'd tune in to watch for sure!

Take a look at their hilarious exchange:  


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Maybe I'm cynical, but I don't know if I'd have believed a doctor or technician anyway until I actually saw the baby. A family friend who was told she was expecting a girl at 20 weeks had a name and all her pink onesies washed and ready to go. She gave birth to a son, and while she was thrilled to have a healthy baby, it took her weeks to wrap her head around the fact that the child she'd been planning for and dreaming about for months wasn't the one who appeared. 

Plus, if you believe that a baby is a miracle and a gift, you're happy either way. We love that Washington just wanted a "human" baby and is so relaxed and down-to-earth about motherhood. We'd expect nothing less from the woman who portrays Olivia Pope to perfection. 


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