Lauren Conrad Put Her Stamp of Approval on These 10 Unique Baby Names

Lauren Conrad Promotes her new book 'Celebrate' at Barnes and Noble in NYC.
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We always knew our girl LC (that's what her homeys and Hills fans call her) was a go-to person for fashion and lifestyle inspiration, but who knew she was so resourceful in the baby name department?! Lauren Conrad announced her pregnancy not too long ago, and the 30-year-old already seems to have a handle on all things pregnancy-related. We have to give credit where credit is due, and the favorite baby names of 2017 list on Lauren Conrad's website,, is pretty fetch.


Who knows if LC helped her team who manages her self-titled lifestyle website or not. All we know is that we're so here for the baby names.

They're pretty cute!

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Seeing as both Lauren and one of her coworkers are expecting children, we definitely understand why the post says, "... to say that we have babies on the brain would be an understatement!"

Yeah, who wouldn't?!

Many of Team LC's baby name picks have made our own lists (for reasons good and bad) and definitely have a distinctive quality about them. "Each one of the names below has a unique ring to it and we can only imagine the cuties that are sure to don them," the team mentions in their post.

Let's dig in!

1.) Hazel. This baby name should ring a bell, as Emily Blunt and John Krasinski named their first daughter Hazel. Hebrew for "God sees," Hazel also made our list of the 15 fastest-rising baby names, and as Team LC writers note, it's the name of the protagonist in the novel-turned-film The Fault in Our Stars.

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2.) River. Perfect for a little girl or boy, River is a unisex name with major cool points. Maybe that's why Kelly Clarkson named her daughter River Rose.

3.) Sailor. Keeping with the maritime trend, the team at blame their love for the name Sailor on California living. We get it!

4.) Jasper. Passionate about gemstones? Give Jasper a try! Though its origins are a bit mysterious, Jasper is thought to derive from the Persian genashber that means "treasure master."

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5.) Charlotte. We're so happy to see Charlotte on's baby name list! This regal title is such a classic, but found itself on the list of baby names parents say they regret giving their child (Charlotte was number one). Like Team LC, we think Charlotte is a cute name that gives us the nickname Charlie.

6.) Jackson. Speaking of classic baby names, Jackson is another adorable option with staying power. Hailing from 14th century England, Jackson -- meaning "son of Jack" (duh) -- is a surname that has transformed into an increasingly popular first name.

7.) Sienna. "Sienna for a little girl is a popular name here at Team LC," the writing team notes. "We love the feminine ring to it!" We'd have to agree, as we have love for Sienna, too.

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8.) Carter. There are certain baby names you just know are going to shine on a business card, and Carter is definitely one of them. This gender-neutral title (yes, Carter is an option for both boys and girls) is quite the popular surname with origins dating back to the Middle Ages.

9.) Elle. "Elle, which is a shortened version of Eleanor (means "moon"!), is one of our favorites," Team LC mentions in their post. In addition to being a cute pet name, Elle also comes from Ella -- thought to be a variant of Ellen that comes from the Greek ele, which means "light."

10.) Rowan. Last, but certainly not least, is the gorgeous baby name Rowan. Thought to be a boy name, Rowan offers gender fluidity in the name department and hails from the Gaelic Ruadhán that means "little red-haired one"

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We have to wonder if Lauren's baby name will come from this list ... it definitely has some keepers! 

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