'American Horror Story' Actress Lily Rabe Debuts Baby Bump in Stunning Photo

Lily Rabe at the screening Of Sony Pictures Classics'
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Surpriiise! Fans of American Horror Story will be happy (and shocked) to know that actress Lily Rabe is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, Hamish Linklater. It seems Lily's pregnancy has flown under the radar, as many -- including us -- had no clue the AHS vet is expecting until peeps saw her at the televised 2016 Kennedy Center Honors event that aired on December 27. Even though we're late to the party, we'll happily throw up our (virtual) confetti and yell a huge congrats!


Lily took to Instagram, where she shared this gorgeous baby bump photo just outside of the White House.

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Forget the lady in red -- we can't take our eyes off this vision in purple!

A couple wks ago.. Taking my baby to The White House.

A photo posted by Lily Rabe (@pillypie22) on

"A couple wks ago.. Taking my baby to The White House," she captioned.

So stunning!

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Although we don't know when Lily is due, it looks like Mom could be in her second or third trimester. 

Hmm. Does this mean we might see baby make a cameo in American Horror Story? Could one of the many characters Lily plays be with child?

Now that would make for an interesting twist!

... But is likely wishful thinking.

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Congrats again, Lily, on the baby news! How exciting!

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