Chrissy Teigen's Sexy '80s Workout Spoof Is Giving Us New Year's Goals

Chrissy Teigen hot dog
Love Magazine/YouTube

Chrissy Teigen has done it again. She has given us life. Every time she claps back at a mommy shamer on Twitter, she sustains moms everywhere. And now she stars in a wacky ode to 1980s workout videos that finally gives all women the exercise moves they can relate to.  


Maybe it's because I grew up working out to Jane Fonda videos in the era of leg warmers and wrist bands. Maybe it's because years of faithful exercise actually did help me learn to love my body. Maybe it's because, since having my daughter 20 months ago, I've firmly butt-planted into the "working out -- what's that?" phase of life.

Whatever the reason, I loved everything about this, from the wedgie-inducing leotards to these oh-so-relatable Chrissy-cizes: 

The Wine Grab

Perfect your reach the first time, and you can skip the 10 reps. 

French Fry Pushups

Because eating french fries is the key to sexier cleavage. Am I right? 

Hot Dog–cycles

When you're pedaling a pretend bicycle to nowhere, you need serious motivation. 

All the Yums:

Yup -- here's what it looks like when your subconscious leaps out of your mind and watches you work out.

I found this ridiculous nugget of delight (part of Love magazine's advent calendar) while surfing the Web when I should have been sleeping. It was the mind candy I needed to recover from the 30-minute bedtime ritual my daughter manages to extend to two hours every night. I mean, this is why Al Gore invented the Internet, right?

Here's the full video if you want to enjoy it for yourself:

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