10 Celeb Moms Get Super Real About Sex After Baby


Giving birth is without a doubt a very personal thing, but there are just some aspects of the experience that pretty much all moms share. As our bodies change and grow, our confidence, energy, and yes, libido fluctuates. That's why it's so comforting to hear our favorite celebrity moms honestly express feelings, doubts, strategies, and successes about their evolving sex lives after baby. We can totally relate!


Sometimes pregnancy sex kicks a woman's libido into high gear -- even while it weirds out our partners (right, KCav?). Then, once the kid actually arrives, we try to schedule "sexy times" with the best of intentions and and then struggle to stay awake long enough to engage in this very special appointment. It's nuts! What used to be so simple becomes trickier and different, if not challenging, at times. But not forever, as many celeb moms share, getting back to our old selves has its definite payoffs.

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Here, 10 wonderfully honest quotes from celeb moms on all the highs and lows we face while we're getting back into a groove. 

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