Pregnant Pink Has Perfect Response to Rumor She'll 'Raise Her Kids Alone'

Singer Pink
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There are certain celebs that have a certain "I'll eff you up in the street if you cross me" aura about them, and Pink is one of those celebrities. The 37-year-old singer is expecting her second child with husband Carey Hart (the couple have a 5-year-old daughter named Willow) and, apparently, will become a single mom in the near future -- or so a tabloid alleges. Pink's Instagram clapback to rumors she's divorcing her husband is a thing of beauty that will make folks think twice about coming for her and her family.


If there was ever a time to learn how to "read" -- and I'm not talking about books -- this is it!

It's pretty safe to assume that Pink wasn't too pleased to see a photo of herself at the bottom of a magazine with the caption, "Pregnant Pink marriage split .... 'I'll raise my babies alone.'"

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Such a discovery would likely make any expectant mom pissed, but our girl Pink decided to have a little fun.

As Pink says on the 'Gram, "Apparently @hartluck I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!! So you better fix this sh*t, whatever it is, cause it's obviously BAD. Just sh*tty! And before you leave can you please teach me how to set the alarm? I can't wait to take over your closet!!!!!! #moreclothes #ivehaditwiththissh*t."

LOL at setting the alarm!

Fans seem to enjoy Pink's response, as many took to the comment section of her Instagram.

"Best way to deal with those idiot headlines!" applauded one commenter.

"Preach it, sister! I've always appreciated your ability to say exactly what you think," applauds another.

"Sarcasm for the win!" commends another.

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I can only imagine how annoyed I would be if I were in Pink's shoes -- especially being pregnant. (My hormones would've made me nuts.) Pink and Carey announced news they're expecting another child only a month ago and can't seem to bask in this pregnancy without someone (or some publication) trying to break them up.

At least Pink has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, as there's not much you really can do in this situation. Haters are gonna hate, and people will always talk.

And as funny as this response is, let this be a lesson to leave Pink alone. It's not a good idea to mess with this mama!

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