Sofia Vergara Is Now Being Sued 'by' Her Frozen Embryos -- Yes, Really

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This celebrity mom is facing a legal battle that's being waged by a couple of unlikely opponents. Modern Family's Sofia Vergara is being sued by the embryos she created with former boyfriend Nick Loeb. How is that even possible, you ask? Read on.





The right-to-live lawsuit was filed against the actress with the plaintiffs named as "Emma" and "Isabella" -- which is apparently what Loeb has "named" the female embryos he and Sofia were hoping to use before their relationship soured in 2014.

The case was filed in Louisiana, traditionally a pro-life state, which, additionally, provides special legal protections for frozen embryos. Basically, Loeb is arguing that by not being born, "Emma" and "Isabella" are being denied the right to a trust set up for them, which would cover things like education and health care. It's hard to wrap your head around this one, right?

So, even though the couple is clearly not together -- Vergara married actor Joe Manganiello in 2015 -- Loeb wants custody of the embryos so he can implant them in a surrogate and raise them. 

Wow, just wow. 

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Whether you believe, as Loeb maintains, that "Emma" and "Isabella" have a right to live, this still has to be taking quite a toll on Vergara. Further, Loeb is asking that her parental rights be terminated -- ouch. 

According to the New York Post, Vergara has explained her position this way: "A child needs a mother and a loving relationship with parents that get along, that don't hate each other ... Kids need parents." So true.

It seems hard to fathom that children you don't necessarily want brought into the world could be, against your wishes, because of a court's decision. As if that weren't difficult enough to consider, they'd be raised by someone their mother no longer even likes.

The 44-year-old is already mom to a 24-year-old son, Manolo, from her first marriage. Even though she's hinted at starting a family with her new hubby, this whole case has to be killing her. 

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We can't help but question Loeb's motives. Does he really want to raise twin daughters who share DNA with a woman he appears to despise, all on his own?  

You'd have to imagine he's hoping they look just like their mom and he can possibly launch their acting or modeling careers as quickly as possible. 

It will be interesting to see where this potentially groundbreaking case goes, but thinking about the possibilities has to be extremely unnerving for Vergara. 

Update: 3:40 p.m.: Sofia Vergara's attorney, Fred Silberberg, believes Loeb's lawsuit won't succeed. He furthers stated that what Loeb is referring to as "embryos" are, in fact, frozen fertilized ova. The lawyer also points out that Loeb's legal strategy failed in California, and expects it will meet the same fate in Louisiana. 

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