Olivia Wilde's Breast-Pump Hack Is Pure Genius (& Pinterest-Worthy to Boot)

 Actress Olivia Wilde, wearing a fringe sleeve jacket, attends Marimekko for Target launch at The High Line
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In case you didn't know it, moms can give Navy Seals and MacGyver himself a run for their money in the resourcefulness department. We can turn the most ordinary of things -- like, say, a product we happen to run out of and desperately need -- into a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece. Olivia Wilde's DIY breast milk storage bags are everything and prove a mommy has to do what a mommy has to do.


Taking to the 'Gram, the 32-year-old mama of two (Olivia and fiancé Jason Sudeikis have a 2-year-old son named Otis and a 2-month old daughter named Daisy) had no problem letting us in on a homemade storage container for breast milk. 

... You know, in case you're like Olivia and run out of bags.

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"Pumping milk into mason jars [check]. Ran out of storage bags. Rookie move. Big thanks to the plant for really perking up for this photo. Also thanks to the Airbnb owner for the use of said mason jars. #pumped"


Dearest Olivia, how you make us laugh. (PS: You're our shero if you can fill those mason jars all the way up!) This hack brings back so many memories, as most moms have pumped into the most random containers -- including mason jars!

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Breastfeeding and pumping are always an adventure. Sometimes things go smoothly, and other times not so much. I can remember using everything from sandwich bags to a coffee cup when I ran out of breast milk storage bags -- and neither of my sons cared so long as they got their liquid gold on time.

Olivia is unashamed to share her breastfeeding and parenting journey, and I love her for that.

And who knows, maybe she'll inspire some new trend. After all, you can use those mason jars for so many awesome things.

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Thanks for the laughs, Liv!

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