Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Welcome Second Baby -- & Now, the Game Changes

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are all smiles as they hang out at the Los Angeles Lakers Vs The Phoenix Suns at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.
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And baby makes four! We're sending a huge congratulations to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis who have welcomed their second child to the world -- yay! We can only imagine how thrilled Mom, Dad, and big sis (Ashton and Mila's 2-year-old daughter Wyatt) are to have this bundle of joy in their lives.


Mila gave birth to a baby boy on November 30, and while there aren't many deets, we couldn't be happier for the Kunis-Kutcher family.

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Ashton and Mila, you probably won't read this as you have more pressing issues at hand -- like changing diapers and readying the post-delivery sumo pads for Mom (augh, hated those) -- but I want to wish you guys all the luck in the world.

As a mama of two tots 16 months apart (my boys are 2 and 1), I can say you're going to have your hands full and will probably want to pull your hair out at times -- and that's okay.

For starters, the diaper game completely changes now. Just when you thought you could see the light at the end of the tunnel with Wyatt by entering into the land of pull-ups, here comes the newborn and size one diapers heading back to your door -- not to mention potty training your oldest in the near future.

Sometimes, I feel like Oprah. You get a diaper, and you get a diaper, and you get a diaper! Diapers and pull-ups for everyone, hooray!

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Then there's the whole double car seat dilemma, though you'll probably be able to skirt this as the cost of putting two in each car likely isn't a big deal. What will be interesting, however, will be the juggling game you play trying to get your toddler out of the car -- and making sure she's safe -- as you go to grab the diaper bag and LO's infant car seat before heading into a store.

It will seem impossible at first, but you'll be a pro in no time.

(Note: Add 30 to 45 minutes to any travel plans as you're going to be running around your house trying to double check whose diaper is dry, who has socks on, if they snacks are packed, if the diapers -- both sizes -- are stocked and ready, and if you brought the toys.)

Oh, remember that glorious sleep you've likely been enjoying with your daughter Wyatt? Yeah ... it was fun while it lasted! Although you know a newborn means getting up a ton of times throughout the night, it becomes very interesting if and when your toddler wakes up because she hears the crying.

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I wanted to have my children close in age (I didn't expect them to be this close) so my husband and I could go through the baby and toddler stages in one swoop. And as much as I gave myself the "You're a badass super mom who can do this!" speech, having two kids under three can be draining at times.

... But I wouldn't change it from the world.

Yes, there are twice as many diapers and messes and food you need to buy and extra hands you need to wrangle everyone together. But there's also twice the love, twice the hugs, twice the little beings you get to enjoy before they make you cry once their older. 

I'm sure Wyatt is going to be a wonderful big sister who will likely want to help to the best of her ability. (Lord knows my 2-year-old does.) Your kiddos also have a pretty good chance of being besties as they'll be super close in age. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have my boys play together because they have similar interests (aka Sesame Street).

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Plus, you two have each other to navigate your newfound world of being parents of two little ones. Your patience will get tested (for sure), but hold onto your love and partnership.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

And if you still find yourself tired, phone your mothers, lol!

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Congrats again on your son, Mila and Ashton!

Now get some rest, you're gonna need it.


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