Amber Rose Shares Video of Toddler Son Getting a Mani-Pedi & People Freak Out

amber rose son pedicure

This celebrity mama has never been one to shy away from controversy, so she probably knew she'd receive some conflicting comments on her recent Instagram post. Amber Rose shared a video of her adorable 3-year-old son getting a manicure and pedicure -- and all hell broke loose in her comments section. 



The SlutWalk founder's caption #HalloweenisNeverOveratOurHouse wasn't enough to soothe some haters who accused her of attempting to "make" her boy, Sebastian, whom she shares with Wiz Khalifa, homosexual. Others defended the mom for allowing the child to get his nails decorated with "Pumpkin nails with Mr. Skully Bones."

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant explained in her caption why she took her son to the salon:

"We encourage our children to paint, draw and be creative so why block them from their creativity when it comes to self-expression? F-ck society standards and gender roles! Let your children be great!"

Take a peek:

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He certainly looks happy! And is there anything more relaxing than a mani-pedi? Some commenters thought she had the right idea:

"I love that you take him to do his nails! I have two boys and we do nails too. You're a great mom," writes one person.

Others did not agree:

"Bitch that caption is the dumbest thing i heard all day yesterday because it doesnt fit what you doing to that boy," writes another. "YOU got this little boy painting his nails.........if he was painting his face id understand for sure. But you feeding this boy ideas that he shouldnt be learning at that age."

"No no no these people try to encourage there kids into homosexuality," a commenter wrote. "i almost cried this world changing and most of these celebs are sell outs."

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Others pointed out the ridiculous of that statement:

"Being gay is not a choice!" another commenter wrote. "You can't make anyone gay! What is a choice is being hateful, and ignorant!! Good for her for raising a child to be open minded and a nonconformist!!! I support this completely!!! Spread love not hate!!”

"I LOVE THIS MESSAGE," wrote another.

This comment pretty much sums it up best:

"People are so cruel," wrote a commenter, "unfollow if you don't like her but leave kids out of it. Smh."

If it's something the mother and son enjoy doing together, why not? It's better than his sitting there or running around knocking over nail polish bottles bored out of his mind. Something tells us if Sebastian had a problem with it, he'd let his mama know. 

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