Kate Gosselin Is Melting Down in 'Kate Plus 8' Preview -- Not That We Blame Her

kate Gosselin

This mom has been known to lose her temper now and again, so it's no surprise to see her yelling at her large brood. Kate Gosselin and her kids are back for a new season of Kate Plus 8, and the frazzled mama has more than her share of meltdowns -- though, considering some of the things she's taken on, we can't blame her.  


The single mom, 41, and her kids will be back on TLC Tuesday, November 22, and though it's an unscripted reality show, there's no shortage of drama. Take a look!


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Wow, this mom has a lot on her plate, right? Not that we're judging, but if you're parenting a lot of teens and tweens, is taking on two puppies the right move? Yes, they're beyond adorable and it's lovely for kids to grow up with a pet and learn a bit about responsibility, but still -- yeesh! Puppies are a handful. We don't blame her one bit for flipping out when they're suddenly missing.

Also, it's awesome that she's planning such an elaborate birthday celebration for the sextuplets as they turn 12, but, man, that's a lot of effort to recreate your own version of The Amazing Race, right?

Kate deserves tons of respect for wanting to take on these impressive tasks and create experiences for the kids, but if all they remember about them is their mom's screaming, it might not be turning out as she'd hoped. 

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For a mom, sometimes after asking your kids a question three times and getting no response, you're left with almost no choice but to raise your voice. We totally get it. But when you're screaming about waffles (and, heck, haven't we all been there?) it may be time for a grown-up time-out. 

It's TV, sure, and if Kate were just sitting around reorganizing the kids' sock drawers, no one would tune it. But still, this is a lot of yelling, and judging from the interviews with the kids, it's not going unnoticed! In the preview, they're all but begging her to dial it down at bit.

Maybe in watching it back, Kate and the kids can come to an understanding that'll lower the collective volume of that household... 


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