Molly Sims Reveals Her Top Pregnancy Tip & What Scares Her About Baby No. 3

Molly Sims

This mama is expecting her third child within five years, so it's safe to say she's got some great advice for fellow pregnant ladies. But at the same time, like most parents, she's wondering how she'll juggle it all. Supermodel and actress Molly Sims got real with us about maternity and motherhood by revealing her best advice for expectant moms -- and what she fears most as she readies for baby number three.


CafeMom had a chance to catch up with the stunning mom when she teamed up with Dreft and Parents magazine to launch the Messiest Baby Contest. The 43-year-old shared the hard-won wisdom she gained from her first pregnancy. When she was expecting her son, Brooks, Sims says she gained more than 80 lbs as a result of an undiagnosed thyroid condition.

Though her instincts were telling her something was definitely amiss, her symptoms were often chalked up to being common pregnancy complaints. 

It wasn't until four months after welcoming her son that she received the proper diagnosis. So, needless to say, her most important advice to expectant moms is: Go with your gut. 

"I learned a lesson in listening to my body," Sims says. "Every pregnancy is different, and what you think is normal might not be. Everyone was telling me, 'Oh, you're pregnant! Or 'Oh, you just gave birth.' But I was like, 'I don't know, my neck looks like a linebacker's and I don't feel well and I'm swelling, and those things aren't normal.'" 

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Feeling much better this time around, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model has been working on her second book, The Everyday Super Mama. In her first book, The Everyday Supermodel, Sims shared her beauty, fashion, fitness, and health secrets. Her newest book, due out in August of 2017, is "all about making things that take effort look effortless." From parenting to entertaining, the busy mom says the book is all about "keeping it real." 

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Things are about to get a lot more "real" for Sims and her husband of five years, Scott Stuber, as their baby is due before the end of the year.

Sims admitted she is a little nervous to go from two to three little ones. 

"I try hard not to have mom guilt but having one-on-one time is what I'm most worried about," she says. "Having enough time with each of them is my biggest fear. I'm really going to try to carve out time and do that." 

While she said her daughter, Scarlett, 1, is too young to understand what's about to go down, Brooks is all about meeting his new sibling.

"He asks me every day when it's going to get here," she says. 

We wish the growing family all the best as they await their new addition!


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