The Inside of Olivia Wilde's Purse Looks Just Like Ours (Except Cleaner)

Remember when the inside of your favorite bag held your wallet, keys, phone, and maybe some makeup? Yeah, neither do we. Olivia Wilde's purse selfie is about to make you feel like you have a famous kindred spirit.


The mom of two, who just gave birth to little Daisy Josephine on October 11, took to Instagram to share a photo of the contents of her bag, marveling at how very different it looks from just a few short years ago.

Pretty sure I used to leave the house with a credit card and a piece of bread.

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"Pretty sure I used to leave the house with a credit card and a piece of bread," reads the caption.

A quick scan of the treasures Olivia is carrying around these days reveals a breast pump, sippy cup, at least one plastic lion (with the potential for another jungle animal by its side), Yo Gabba Gabba toys, and other kid accoutrement. Brace yourself, lady, the craziness has only started.

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Frankly, we have to give the actress a giant high-five for actually sporting what looks like a clean purse. All stuff aside, the interior of that bag is spotless. Ours are dusted with goldfish crackers and cheerios, and somehow there's a jam stain (yet we never recall throwing a PB&J in there ... ever).

Olivia is also mom to 2-year-old Otis, who is presumably the proud owner of that lion.

Just remember, you can never be too prepared. Olivia, it looks like you have this mom thing down pat.


Image via Felipe Ramales/Splash News

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