Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Need a Mommy-Shamer's 'Advice' on How to Hold Her Baby

chrissy teigen twitter stormDon't mess with this mama bear! One Twitter user clearly struck a nerve when she tried to call out supermodel Chrissy Teigen for not holding her 6-month-old daughter Luna correctly. The funny but feisty wife of John Legend fired back immediately to put this would-be mom-shamer in her place. 


This is how it all began -- a Twitter user tweeted a photo of Chrissy holding Luna, along with some good old mommy-shaming outrage. "This is not how a baby is held!!!!"

And Chrissy had a perfect response:

chrissy Teigen twitter storm

Oh no she didn't! Oh yes she did!

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That's not all. The Twitter user told the model mom she holds her baby like a handbag. Yikes. Not about to take that for a hot minute, Chrissy fired back. 

chrissy Teigen twitter storm

And, as Chrissy points out, this is just a quick snapshot as she's dodging flashing cameras and trying to protect her little one. 

And another thing ... Chrissy "despises mommy shamers."

Chrissy Teigen twitter storm

No parent -- especially a relatively new mom -- wants to be judged or even offered unsolicited advice. Maybe you'll take a bit of well-intended guidance from your mom, possibly even your mother-in-law, but from a stranger on Twitter? Doubtful.

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Looks like even hours later it was still bugging the celebrity mom, who attempted to have the last word after that Twitter user refused to let it go.

chrissy Teigen twitter storm

Whether you agree with the way Chrissy holds her baby or not, it's got to be brutally tough to raise a child under so much public scrutiny. And, seriously, did this Twitter user miss the time Chrissy blasted trolls who tried to shame her for going out to dinner with her husband shortly after giving birth? Don't mess with Mama Teigen!


Images via Said Elatab / Splash News; Chrissy Teigen / Twitter

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