Jillian Harris's Postpartum Photo Captures the Rawness of Life After Delivery

'The Bachelorette' star Jillian Harris

No matter how many people try to tell us "what to expect when you're expecting," it can often be hard to put into words how an expectant mother feels, both during the labor and after. That's what makes former Bachelorette star Jillian Harris's postpartum photo so incredibly striking. It's unfiltered and a moving visual of what mothers often endure to bring a child into this world.


It's been two months since Jillian and her longtime love, Justin Pasutto, welcomed their first child together, a son named Leo. Sharing her now 2-month-old son Leo's birth story on her website, Mom opened up about everything from her water breaking to labor pains and experiencing "some major ripping."


And as refreshing as it is for a new mother to be so candid about her experience, this photo of Jillian post-delivery is one that will resonate with so many moms.

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Mesh panties. Those gigantic -- and often uncomfortable, but very necessary -- hospital "sumo" pads. The internal emotional struggle to live in the joy of being a mother while trying to tame the pain that comes from just giving birth.

No matter how your precious child came into this world, every mother can look upon this photo and recall memories of what life was like post-delivery.

As I gaze upon Jillian's photo, I see myself in her place. I have vivid memories of trying to navigate my hospital room after giving birth to my son last year, and my oldest boy just a year prior. (They're 16 months apart.)

I was completely clueless about what to expect once baby was out, and boy, did I have a rude awakening. (Trying to push myself up to a seated position in my hospital bed was a major accomplishment.) I questioned whether or not I was weak or if other mothers were experiencing similar events.

Yet no matter the discomfort that came from giving birth, all I could focus on (until it was time to go pee, or attempt my first postpartum bowel movement) was the life I brought into this world.

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Thank you, Jillian, for your willingness to share such a personal and real moment.

It speaks to the strength a mother has and what her body undergoes to enjoy her bundle of joy.



Image via jillian.harris/Instagram

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