Sorry, Madonna, but Letting Your Little Boy Do This to Trump Isn't Okay

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Election season is never fun. Between all the mudslinging and dissension, it becomes incredibly easy to get caught up in all the hate -- which is something we need to shield from our children, no matter how much we might despise a particular candidate. This is why Madonna having a Trump piñata at her son's birthday party just doesn't seem right to me -- or in any way appropriate for an 11-year-old's celebration.




Here's Madonna's 11-year-old, David Banda, getting ready to take a crack at Trump. And in case you miss it, David says, "No, I'm going to go for his neck and decapitate [him]!" in the video, which Madonna shared on social media.

What's interesting is that David's birthday party appeared to have a soccer theme (he actually is a pretty good player!). So an addition like a Trump piñata not only stands out, but makes you question why it's there in the first place.

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Do I dislike Trump? Abso-freaking-lutely. Do I think he spews hatred and misogynistic views? Without a doubt.

But I think encouraging children to "bludgeon" people we don't like -- at a kid's birthday party no less -- is not the way to go, nor the message we want to send to children who are there for cake and ice cream.

All I can think about is what FLOTUS (that's the fabulous First Lady, Michelle Obama) said during the Democratic National Convention:

"When they go low, we go high."

I can only imagine the backlash and media coverage if the piñata had been of Hillary Clinton -- or President Obama for that matter. So many of us would justifiably be in our feelings and ready to take to the Internet to let folks know how we felt about the foolishness.

And while Donald Trump is quite different in mindset (at least judging by what I've heard come from his mouth) from Clinton and Obama, does that still make it okay to use a Trump piñata ... at a kid's birthday party?

I don't think so.

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Listen, I've been to many parties with piñatas, and while I don't have problems with kiddos whacking a papier-mâché object for goodies, there's something unsettling about said piñata being of a person.

Even though I'm an Independent voter -- and don't particularly care for either current candidate much -- I wouldn't dream of bringing politics into a child's birthday party. I can certainly understand my own birthday shindig (I wouldn't do it -- though, hey, whatever floats your boat), but a child's celebration?


Then again, what do I know? Maybe this is a new Pinterest fad or something.


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