Chrissy Teigen Isn't 100% Down With Her Post-Baby Body Yet -- but She Has Great Advice

Chrissy Teigen style advice

This hot mama has been making headlines for her fabulous fashions and flawless figure for a while now, but it's her attitude toward her look that we love the most. Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is sharing her thoughts on getting comfortable with her post-baby body, and it's exactly what plenty of new moms can relate to and need to hear. 



Let's face it: Going from being a swimsuit model to seeing your just-after-giving-birth body has to be a pretty seismic shift. But, fortunately, Teigen -- who gave birth to her first child, daughter Luna Simone, in April -- has a healthy attitude when it comes to her new curves.

Because the wife of John Legend is, of course, still in high demand, she's had to get back into a swimsuit sooner than most new moms might. But rather than starve herself or exercise night and day, Teigen is making sure the suits conform to her taste -- not the other way around. 

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"Every shoot I have right now, I request like all one-pieces please or anything high-waisted," the new mom told People. "I'm still definitely not comfortable. I think I'm fine in clothes. But am I comfortable naked or in a bikini? Not exactly yet."

Oh, Chrissy! We hear you! After giving birth, things definitely have a way of shifting and there's more of you in certain places and less in others. Even once you're back to your pre-baby weight, your dimensions may be completely different! But, seriously, looking at her, you'd never know she's not totally happy with herself. Her secret? 

Choosing outfits that make her feel good. Genius!

We love how she's paired this simple top with silk, flowing trousers. Stunning -- and comfy!


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She's known for being totally cool and having a down-to-earth vibe, and we love that Teigen isn't obsessing about her body. Instead, she's treating fashion -- and her post-baby body image -- with her trademark humor. See her Fashion Week video:


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This mom cracks us up. And, we love her advice for finding things that give you confidence and leave any kind of discomfort behind. 

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